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Necklaces & Pendants

Unique Necklaces and Pendants in Rochester, NY

Sometimes, an outfit or occasion calls for a piece of unique jewelry. Many types of necklaces and pendants can elevate your style with their eye-catching, unexpected designs. Unusual necklaces are ideally suited as a present to yourself, and they make one-of-a-kind gifts for others.

Browse through Cornell Jeweler's collection of unique pendants and necklaces at our convenient location in Rochester, NY. We would be happy to show you popular and trendy diamond pendants, gold necklaces, pearl pendants and much more. Let your imagination run wild and your style break free with eclectic, fashionable fine jewelry.

Diamond Pendants

Add sparkle to any chain with a diamond pendant. Diamond pendants feature at least one carefully cut diamond set in a precious metal such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum or silver. Depending upon the length of your chain and the size of the pendant, you can create different dramatic, unforgettable fashion effects around your neckline.

Gold Necklaces

Although classic petite gold chains will always be popular, gold necklaces can offer intricate motifs within the gold itself. From chunkier braids to unusual, asymmetric designs, the gold necklaces available at Cornell's Jewelers allow you to express your individuality. Treat yourself to a gold necklace that illustrates your inner spirit.

Rose Gold

Created by mixing yellow gold with other metal alloys, rose gold elicits a sense of warmth and femininity. Its blushing tone offers the ideal backdrop for necklaces and pendants, offsetting white diamonds and colorful gemstones. When worn alone, rose gold provides a phenomenal match for any skin tone.

White Gold

White gold is made by mixing yellow gold with other metals, resulting in a strong, shiny surface that reflects the light. Many well-regarded jewelry designers pair white gold with white diamonds to bring out the glimmer of the stones. Of course, white gold can stand alone or be a partner to other semi-precious and precious gemstones.

Yellow Gold

Known for its warmth, yellow gold remains a highly sought-after metal for both necklaces and pendants. Plenty of jewelry lovers like to see yellow gold mixed with other forms of gold, such as rose gold and white gold. Our collection of yellow gold necklaces and pendants includes just the right variety of yellow gold selections.

Pearl Pendants

When you want to wear a pearl around your neck, you have choices beyond a classic pearl necklace. Pearl pendants feature one or more pearls set in a precious metal like gold or silver. The pearl itself becomes the focal point, drawing the eye to this beautiful gem from the sea.

Silver Necklaces

Sterling silver presents a perfect medium for jewelry designers who want to etch their necklaces and pendants or craft jewelry with a remarkable sheen. In fact, some of our bestselling necklaces in Rochester come from the silver necklace line. Be sure to try on sterling silver when you visit us.

Browse Necklaces at Cornell's Jewelers in Rochester

Experience friendly, hands-on assistance during your jewelry shopping adventure. Come to Cornell's Jewelers in Rochester, NY for the best customer service in the independent jewelry business.

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