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Men's Jewelry

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Men's Jewelry in Rochester, NY

The trend of purchasing fine jewelry for men continues to grow across the country. In fact, many men have begun to build their own personal collections of everything from tie bars and cuff links to diamond rings and necklaces. 

At Cornell's Jewelers, we regularly help men seeking the right jewelry choices to fit their lifestyles. We welcome the chance to show you our full assortment of men's jewelry at our boutique store in Rochester, NY. Whether you are looking for yourself or someone you care about, you will always enjoy second-to-none selection and service.

Diamond Rings for Men

Designed specifically to appeal to a man's unique hand shape and character, men's diamond rings regularly feature bold metals punctuated by meticulously cut diamond stones. Need an everyday diamond ring that will go anywhere? Select a low-profile options that promises high shine. Want a men's diamond ring for special occasions? Seek out a more dramatic choice with a larger stone.

Tie Bars

After years of casual wear, men have begun to return to the art of wearing ties for meetings and upscale business and social events. Tie bars come in handy to keep the tie from moving around without the need for a tie tack. Cornell's Jewelers can help you find a tie bar with artistic flair that's nuanced appropriately for your style.

Men's Necklaces and Bracelets

Men's necklaces tend to run the gamut from sleek, understated chains featuring religious themed pendants to chunky, metallic choices meant to make a strong fashion statement. As with most fine jewelry, trying on a men's necklace helps you get a better sense of how it will fit against your neckline and with your typical apparel. For that reason, many men visit Cornell's Jewelers to receive hands-on assistance in finding the best men's necklaces for their needs.

Like necklaces, bracelets provide the chance for a man to wear jewelry created specifically to fit a larger wrist and hand size. Men's bracelets come in bangle or banded styles, and sometimes feature diamonds and other gemstones. 

Cuff Links

French cuffs have definitely made a comeback in recent generations, and that means a resurgence in the need for cuff links. Like earrings, cuff links are incredibly eye-catching. Though small, they hold the power to attract attention and add sophistication or whimsy to a shirt and suit combination.

Money Clips

Forget the wallet and embrace the money clip. Carefully crafted to hold onto paper bills, money clips have arisen as a practical yet stylish way to carry dollars. Sleek in design, money clips effortlessly merge function and good looks.

Shop Men's Jewelry at Your Local Rochester Jeweler

In the market for the most exceptional men's jewelry you can find? Make your selection with confidence by taking a trip to Cornell Jeweler's, an award-honored independent jeweler. Our stunning Rochester, NY store has a wide array of men's jewelry, and our professional jewelry experts can help you buy an amazing item for you or someone special in your life.

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