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Bracelets in Rochester, NY

For generations, bracelets have enjoyed a special place in the hearts of jewelry lovers. Whether worn as a single, eye-catching accent piece or dramatically stacked, bracelets with an artful design are always delightful.

At Cornell's Jewelers in Rochester, our vast selection of bracelets includes gold bracelets, silver bracelets, bracelets with gemstones and unique metal and stone combinations. Stop by to try on your favorite type of bracelet today or choose the right bracelet for someone special in your life. 

Gold Bracelets

Gold remains a classic setting for bracelets because the various gold tones complement any skin type. Plus, gold tends to be a preferred precious metal among jewelry collectors looking for the finest options.

Our selection of gold bracelets includes both traditional and eclectic options. With such a wide assortment of gold bracelets, you can easily pinpoint the perfect style and fit.

White Gold

Love gold but want a cooler overall tone? White gold echoes the silvery ambiance of platinum and shines brightly. For that reason, white gold bracelets tend to reflect the light more brilliantly than yellow or rose gold varieties. 

Rose Gold

Highly popular among bracelet buyers looking for a distinctive piece of jewelry, rose gold allows you to add pink warmth to your bracelet setting. Because rose gold is a blend of yellow gold, copper and silver, it can vary somewhat in hue intensity. Despite its rosy, delicate looking complexion, rose gold remains a strong metal resistant to scratching.

Yellow Gold

What could be more classic than yellow gold? Bringing warmth and sunshine to any bracelet, yellow gold blends perfectly with diamonds and other gemstones. Of course, it can just as easily stand alone when crafted into yellow gold bangles and bands. Expert jewelry craftspeople appreciate how versatile yellow gold can be, as well as how effortlessly it allows them to breathe life into their designs.

Silver Bracelets

Many clients of Cornell's Jewelers request silver bracelets above all other types of jewelry items. They welcome the shiny metal tone that pairs nicely with richly colorful stones and white diamonds. Silver can sometimes be used alongside regular or plated gold to create mixed metal effects.

Bracelets With Diamond Accents

Custom-cut diamonds continuously pop up in all types of jewelry, and bracelets are no exception. From bands featuring one carefully chosen diamond to diamond tennis bracelets offering multiple stones, diamond bracelets allow you to add sparkle and shimmer to your wrist. You can find diamonds in a variety of cuts on our diamond bracelets, including streamlined emerald cut and brilliant round cut options.

Browse Bracelets at Your Family-Owned Jeweler in Rochester

Want to see exactly how a bracelet looks before making your selection? Cornell's Jewelers provides the perfect opportunity to try on any of our exceptional offerings. Simply visit our beautiful Rochester, NY location to explore our tremendous selection of diamond bracelets, gold bracelets, silver bracelets and so much more.

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