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Insurance Replacement Service

Far beyond material value, jewelry is treasured because of the sentimental value attached to it. When a precious piece of your jewelry has been lost, stolen or damaged, we want to help you make the process of replacement as smooth and stress-free as possible.

There is more to each piece of fine jewelry than an untrained eye can see. Our certified gemologists are jewelry experts who know how important it is to find a replacement piece with the same kind and quality, with the goal of making repaired or replaced pieces indistinguishable from the original, both visually and in value.

Our relationships with a trusted selection of industry suppliers and designers in the jewelry industry will help us find gemstones, diamonds and settings to replicate your jewelry item, and our in-house experts are able to customize as needed to ensure the replica is as close to the origional as possible.

Chipped diamonds and damaged precious metal jewelry items can be repaired or replaced. Our experts will carefully evaluate your item and give you a comprehensive assessment of the damage and a recommendation for the best way to resolve the issue so you can enjoy your jewelry again.

Cornell's Jewelers offers exceptional service, expert craftsmanship and careful attention to detail to address all of your jewelry needs. We work with all insurance companies in order to help you resolve your claim. If you have recently filed a claim, lost a piece of jewelry or noticed damage to a precious gemstone or jewelry item, call us at 585-264-0100 to begin working on your jewelry replacement or repair.

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