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What Engagement Ring Will Look Best on My Finger?

When it comes to picking out just the right engagement ring for you — or for your partner — you'll want to find a diamond shape and ring style that fits your personality and personal style. You also want it to be flattering to the shape of your hand and fingers.

Of course, if there is a ring style or diamond shape you are set on, start there. You can customize other design aspects of the ring to complement your finger shape. These tips can help you find the best ring style for you.

How to Choose the Right Ring for Your Finger and Hand Size

Consider the size and shape of your hands and fingers when you're deciding on a ring style. Certain styles of rings and diamond cuts will look stunning on certain hand shapes, but not on others. Here are a few tips that can help you in your search for the right engagement ring for your finger type.

You'll want to compare the length and width of your ring finger, and your whole hand, against the size and shape of the diamond setting as well as the width of the band itself. Also consider the length and shape of the fingernails, as longer nails can elongate the appearance of the fingers, too. Think about if the nails are usually trimmed short or grown out long, and the preferred shape of the nail tips.

Let's take a look at some common hand and finger shapes and find out what engagement rings work best for each type.

Best Engagement Rings for Short Fingers

For shorter fingers, the most flattering ring styles will make the fingers appear longer. For an easy comparison, fingers are generally considered short if they are shorter in length than the length of the palm.

A longer diamond shape will be your best bet if you have short fingers. Elongated shapes for diamonds include ovals, pear shapes and marquise cuts, as well as baguette, rectangular and emerald cuts, as long as they are proportionate with the hand size. You should also look for a narrower width for the band because a thicker band can make your fingers look shorter than they actually are. With short fingers, stay away from thick bands and large, square or princess cut diamonds that will only increase the hands' stout appearance.

Best Engagement Rings for Long Fingers

If your finger length is longer than the length of your palm, you'll find that a wide variety of ring and diamond styles will look flattering on you. On this type of hand, classic looks like round, cushion and princess cuts are especially flattering. And as opposed to shorter fingers, a wider band can work just fine and be more flattering. Longer fingers also have the benefit of being able to pull off a much bolder style or intricate or elaborate designs, if that fits your personality.

With longer fingers, in general, it's best to avoid longer diamond shapes like pear, oval or marquise cuts that will only make fingers look disproportionately longer. Narrow bands on longer fingers can look imbalanced, so it's best to avoid these as well.

Best Engagement Rings for Thin Fingers

Thinner fingers have a natural elegance that will make just about any ring style look good. Thick bands work especially well here and help balance out the proportions. A smaller stone can work well here too, more so than with other finger types. It can help make thinner fingers appear wider or make the stone itself look larger than it is.

Soft, round-shaped diamonds and pavé settings work the best on more slender fingers, and it's generally best to avoid diamonds that are disproportionately large, or more extravagant ring designs as they can easily overpower thinner fingers.

Best Engagement Rings for Wide Fingers

For wide fingers, the trick is to find a ring in which the band doesn't show too much skin on either side of the ring. A medium-to-wide band works best for wide fingers. This hand type can also easily go for bigger rings or the really bold and interesting designs that can make a statement. Smaller diamonds can just make wide fingers appear wider, so go for the big and bold.

Elongating emerald and oval cuts are the most flattering diamonds on wider fingers, but don't go too skinny with the diamond shape, such as a marquise cut. This can make the fingers look even wider.

Round diamond shapes also are flattering, as well as cluster and trilogy settings. Try creative ring designs that have stones set asymmetrically or angular settings, too.

Best Engagement Rings for Large Hands

Just as with large fingers, if you have bigger hands overall, you can more easily accommodate the big and bold ring styles. A larger hand has more room for much larger stones and creative designs. If the larger stones are too far beyond the budget, you can expand the ring coverage with side stones, pavé settings or a split-shank that gives a heavier appearance to the ring. You could also go for a halo of smaller stones around a center stone to create a larger appearance.

With bigger hands, medium and thicker bands are also usually best. A thinner band tends to get lost or look out of proportion on a larger hand. It's usually a good idea to avoid minimalist designs, as well as more delicate styles. Go big and bold with creative, chunky styles for the most flattering results on big hands.

Best Engagement Rings for Small Hands

Small, dainty hands have the benefit of smaller diamonds appearing larger than they are on the hand, which can be a cost-saving measure. With smaller proportions overall, it's actually best to go with a smaller diamond and smaller ring design to avoid looking gaudy. Simple designs like solitaires look great on small hands, and small-sized round, oval, princess or heart-shaped cuts for diamonds are especially striking. If you want to elongate the look of your hands, try on a pear, marquise or oval cut in a smaller proportion.

Thin to medium bands or thin lines of pavé side diamonds are great for smaller hands, as well as more intricate or delicate styles. Center stones that are overly large, or designs that are too bold can easily overpower a small hand, so these are best avoided.

How to Decide on a Ring Cut

Diamonds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but there are 10 basic diamond cuts that are most common for engagement rings. Many other types do exist, but they are harder to find. Learn more about your favorite cuts and shapes here, and find out the characteristics that make them flattering for certain hand and finger types:


  1. Round. Sometimes also called brilliant or round-brilliant, this classic style is the most common for engagement rings today — and for good reason. Round diamonds are incredibly versatile, looking great in just about any style or setting, and are almost universally flattering. Many different hand and finger shapes look good with a classic round-shaped diamond. Just be sure to choose a size and setting that is proportionate to the hand size.
  2. Oval. Similar in brilliance to round cut diamonds, but with an elongated shape, oval diamonds offer a classic elegance, with a bit more of a unique, innovative feel than a round cut. This ring cut works especially well for short fingers and smaller hands, offering the illusion of elongating the fingers. Oval cuts also often appear larger than they are, due to their shape. They are best for anyone looking for a classic shape with a little something extra.
  3. Princess. This square-shaped diamond is second in popularity, after round diamonds. Considered to be a modern classic, princess cut diamonds are also almost universally flattering, working especially well on longer fingers and hands. This shape of diamond is easier and less expensive to cut from a stone than a round diamond, so it's often easier to afford a larger carat. Princess cuts also hide inclusions or imperfections more easily, meaning that even lower quality diamonds in this cut still sparkle and shine.
  4. Marquise. A dramatic diamond shape, the marquise cut is shaped like an elongated football. The shape maximizes the value and makes the stone look larger. It can also be an ideal ring cut for short or small fingers since it can help them look longer.
  5. Emerald. Named because this cut was originally used more commonly on emeralds, this cut oozes glamour. It does not have as many facets or sparkle as other diamond cuts, but it offers a sophisticated elegance and hearkens back to the Art Deco era. Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular in shape and work well on wide hands or short fingers because they create a slimming effect.
  6. Radiant. This harder-to-find diamond shape melds the brilliance of a round cut with the glamour of an emerald cut. This unique combination means radiant cut diamonds are flattering to most hand shapes, but especially so for long, slender fingers.
  7. Cushion. Also known as a pillow cut, a cushion cut is generally rectangular but with the corners cut off and more rounded sides. Before the round-cut diamond rose to popularity, the cushion cut was one of the most sought-after styles. This cut is ideal for anyone seeking a vintage look, and it is flattering for any hand type.
  8. Pear. A unique cut for diamonds, the pear shape reflects a teardrop shape and blends the best of oval and marquise cuts. The longer shape flatters shorter fingers and wider hands. The unique shape of pear diamonds is available in a variety of proportions, making them flattering to other hand shapes as well.
  9. Asscher. This vintage cut blends the glamour of the emerald cut with the perfect square shape of a princess cut. This chunky shape almost resembles an octagon and was popular through the 1920s and 30s. The Asscher diamond shape is flattering to many hand shapes, just like round and princess cuts.
  10. Heart. Somewhat harder to find for engagement rings, heart-shaped diamonds evoke true romance and sentimentality. Much like a pear-shaped diamond, hearts can be cut in fatter shapes or more elongated ones while still retaining the heart motif. Because of its customizability, heart-shaped diamonds can be a flattering ring cut for all shapes of hands and fingers — depending on the exact cut of the heart shape.


How to Decide Based on Carats

Many people think that bigger is always better when it comes to diamonds, but this isn't always necessarily true. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond, and while it is a very accurate measurement of a diamond's size, this can be a little deceiving if the bulk of the diamond's weight is actually under the setting. In that case, the diamond tends to look smaller. Additionally, with a much larger carat-weight, other aspects might be compromised to keep the ring within budget. A poor cut might sacrifice color and brilliance just for the sake of having a larger diamond.

It's also important to consider that a larger diamond just isn't flattering to every type of hand or finger. The diamond, and the overall ring design, should be proportionate to the hand and finger size. Just as a tiny diamond would look disproportionate on a large hand, an oversized diamond just doesn't look right on a smaller hand.

How to Decide on a Thin or Thick Band

Deciding on the band thickness for your ring can be a matter of personal style preferences. However, there are a few things to consider in choosing a band style. A thinner band has become quite popular as it looks more delicate and feminine. It can also make the diamond look a little bigger as it draws the eye to the center of the ring.

But a thinner band is not the best choice for everyone. The band size should also be proportionate to the wearer's hand and fingers, with thicker bands looking better on larger hands or longer fingers. You should also consider things like lifestyle, working conditions or hobbies. Certain activities and conditions can be really tough on jewelry and if this is the case, a thicker, stronger band might be a good idea. Thicker bands can also accommodate side diamonds more easily, so that's something to consider if you like this type of style.

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