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Diamond Education


Carat Weight

The weight of a diamond is measured in carats, making it the easiest of the four C's to determine. Each carat is divided into 100 points - similar to pennies in a dollar: 0.75 carat = 75 points, a half carat = 50 points, etc.

One carat equals 200 milligrams in weight.

Remember, the value of a diamond can vary greatly from one of equal carat weight depending on the color, clarity, and most importantly, the cut.



Although most diamonds may appear colorless, they actually have subtle shades of yellow or brown. The closer a diamond is to having no color, the rarer and more expensive it is. The chart below is the industry standard for grading the color of diamonds:



Thanks to Mother Nature, every diamond is unique. But, practically all diamonds contain natural internal characteristics or "birthmarks." The size, location, and number of these characteristics determine the rarity of the diamond and influence its value. This chart should help when evaluating a diamond:




The cut of a diamond is the only factor that man can control, and it is unquestionably the single most important factor in determining the beauty and value of a diamond. Because what's unique about a diamond is how it plays with light, creating the sparkle, fire and brilliance. It's all about light: how much is taken in, how it's refracted around inside, and how much is reflected back to the eye of the beholder. The more perfect the cut, the more light a diamond captures, and the more beautiful it looks.


Fire and Ice Diamonds

Fire and Ice cut diamonds set the new standard for beauty based upon 21st century science and technology, utilizing the information gained by the Path of Light studies by both the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS).

Every Fire and Ice diamond will achieve the highest cut grade possible from the GIA, the AGS or the Forevermark Diamond Institute (FDI).

Precision rules: Fire and Ice diamonds are cut to a far more exacting standard than is required to achieve a maximum cut grade from the GIA, AGS or FDI.

The Forevermark Diamond Institute has classified Fire and Ice diamonds as "Beyond Excellent" due to their precise cut and outstanding light performance.

The AGS Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET) reveals that Fire and Ice diamonds are more brilliant than other Ideal or Excellent cut diamonds.

Fire and Ice diamonds appear bigger and brighter than other Excellent or Ideal cut diamonds not only due to their outstanding Light Performance from end to end, but because the diameter of a Fire and Ice diamond will consistently measure larger than other Excellent or Ideal cut diamonds of the same weight.

More brilliance means more white light reflected through the table, thus Fire and Ice diamonds face up one or two grades better than their actual body color compared to other finely cut diamonds of the same color grade.

The larger table facet of a Fire and Ice diamond allows more light into the stone, thus it has been said that Fire and Ice diamonds "inhale light, exhale fire."

Purchasing a Fire and Ice diamond ensures that the most brilliant diamond you will ever see will be the one you own.

To ensure quality, value and peace of mind, each Fire and Ice diamond is inscribed with the AGS, Forevermark, or GIA grading report number and the Fire and Ice diamond logo.



Forevermark® Diamonds

Forevermark® is a diamond brand from the De Beers group of companies. Forevermark diamonds are the world’s most carefully selected diamonds™.

Forevermark diamonds are selected for their exceptional qualities: less than one percent of the world’s diamonds are eligible to become a Forevermark® diamond.

Set apart for their cut, clarity, color and size, Forevermark® diamonds are crafted by a select group of Diamantaires, releasing their full beauty and brilliance.

Each Forevermark® diamond is inscribed with the Forevermark icon and a unique identification number, using patented technology developed by the De Beers group. Invisible to the naked eye, the inscription proves that this diamond has met Forevermark standards of quality and integrity; the individual number identifies it always to be uniquely yours.

Forevermark® diamonds only come from sources which are committed to high business, social, and environmental standards and benefit the people, communities, and countries from which they originate.

The Forevermark promise means that every diamond is a genuine, natural, and untreated diamond whose quality, beauty, and integrity have been protected at every step in its journey.

There is an additional Forevermark® promise – a grading certificate with the precise cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Forevermark diamonds are evaluated by highly respected leading diamond gemologists in the Forevermark Diamond Institute in Antwerp, drawing on world-class bespoke Forevermark grading processes and technology developed by De Beers.

Forevermark only grades diamonds that have been selected according to Forevermark® standards. Your grading report provides an accurate blueprint of the qualities that make your diamond unique and special.

The same care that goes into selecting Forevermark® diamonds is used in choosing the jewelers where they can be found. Forevermark diamonds are only available at these exclusive jewelers, who are passionate about creating the finest designs inspired by these exceptional diamonds.


FireMark® Diamonds

The Patented FireMark is the single most perfectly cut Princess Diamond there is… period.
• The first Princess Cut ever to consistently rival an Ideal Round in brilliance – with an astounding 98% average light return.
• FireMark® has been put to the test by the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s foremost diamond authority, and the Gem Certification & Assurance Lab, a leader in grading the light performance of diamonds. And the results are unprecedented.
• “Excellent” ratings from the GIA in Polish and Symmetry
• “Excellent” rating from GCAL for Light Performance
• Higher crown and smaller table result in greater fire and brilliance
• Shallower depth so you’re not paying for weight you can’t see
• FireMark diamond is approximately 10% larger than a typical Princess of equal carat weight. This means a .90 point FireMark will appear to be the same size or larger than a typical 1 carat Princess.
• No sharp points – invisible to the naked eye. A facet is added to each corner eliminating the sharp point, and dramatically increasing the diamond’s durability
• FireMark diamonds are more square than typical Princesses, with a 1.025 maximum length to width ratio.

FireMark diamonds are never cut to maximize the weight of a diamond (as is usually the case).  They’re always cut to maximize beauty.  This assures maximum brilliance, fire and sparkle.

Look for the FireMark® logo inscribed on your diamond’s girdle to assure this is truly a FireMark Princess Cut Diamond.

FireMark diamonds are only available from better independent retail jewelers.  They are not sold on the internet or listed with any online diamond listing services (like RapNet, Polygon or Idex)

“Look into her eyes and tell her with absolute confidence, these are the most perfectly cut Princess Diamonds in all the world.”

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