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Monica Rich Kosann

Monica Rich Kosann brings the same unique approach to her work as a fine art portrait photographer, jeweler and home accessory designer. Her ultimate goal is always to integrate her clients’ most cherished memories and possessions into their daily lives and to tell their unique personal stories in an original and customized way.

Monica Rich Kosann’s one driving question when she designs a piece of jewelry is “Can a woman give this piece to her daughter in 20 years?” Her jewelry is about storytelling. Enigmatic and sophisticated, Monica Rich Kosann’s distinctive locket and charmed life collections are the perfect way to tell every woman's unique personal tale. They reflect the daily adventures that you value the most and the people that inspire you along the way.

Monica Rich Kosann has taken a classic idea and made it contemporary and modern. Fashions may change but her locket and charm collections are designed to never go out of style. They provide an elegant and sexy way for a woman to reveal her secrets when and where she chooses.

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