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John Hardy

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Since 1975, the idyllic setting of Bali has inspired John Hardy and the talented and dedicated Balinese artisans who carry out his vision. His extraordinary designs for jewelry and decorative objects blend exotic Balinese craftsmanship and ancient jewelry-making techniques with modern art. "We work with centuries-old techniques and secrets, making them work again, making them new."

Unlike other collections, John Heardy's jewelry appeals to both women and men with its strong design motifs and easy to wear styling. Customers love the way it contours the body and feels against the skin. "Each piece is infused with a human energy, a warmth you can really feel" say Hardy. The appeal is utterly tactile.

Much of John Hardy's work is made almost entirely by hand by a team of talented Balinese craftspeople. When you buy a piece of jewelry by John Hardy it is a collectible work of art. With most items one worker starts and completes the same piece. On a single cuff bracelet an artisan braids fine strands of silver or 18K gold wire - the braids overlap at the rate of 2 inches each day. The cuff is completed in 3 days. NOW that's something to cherish!

Materials: sterling silver, 18kt, precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Philosophy: Unique,individual pieces which brings luxury to everyday living. John Hardy is devoted to the creation of ultimate that is powerful, dramatic and inspiring.

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