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Hearts On Fire

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A diamond’s cut, more than any other factor determines how brilliantly it will shine. As The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond® every Hearts On Fire shines like no other.

Hearts On Fire diamonds truly sparkle - it's a performance simply unseen in other diamonds. Hearts On Fire starts with less than 1/10th of 1% of the world's natural rough diamonds. It's because Hearts On Fire diamonds all boast a perfect ring of eight hearts on the bottom and a perfectly formed, symmetrical Fireburst® on the top that will outshine any other diamond. As a result, a Hearts On Fire diamond displays a perfection you can actually see. 

Due to the unique and exclusive high-quality cut, Hearts On Fire diamond-cutting experts specialize in only two exceptional diamond cuts - Hearts On Fire (Round) and the Dream (Square).

Only a select group of artisans world-wide have mastered the skills necessary to cut diamonds to the superlative standards set by Hearts On Fire. Proprietary technology enables these craftsmen to perfectly position, hand-polish and analyze each facet at 100x magnification – 10 times the international and industry requirements.

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