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emily armenta

Emily Armenta comes from a family of artists and was introduced to beautiful works of art at a very young age. Surrounded by artists, she has always had a lot of support to express herself through her art work. And as a result has been designing, sketching, and working with stones ever since she was a young girl. Designing jewelry has always been a passion of Emily Armenta and has not only been a vehicle for her to express her creativity, but also her thoughts and emotions.

Her studio is a source of inspiration to Emily Armenta. She is inspired by the creativity that surrounds her on a daily basis in the studio and couldn't image missing out on the creativity that takes place every day. Spending time at the studio provides an incredible opportunity for Emily Armenta to invent and create something that can never be duplicated. Furthermore, the studio is a magical place - as she is able to see firsthand how believing in duende can make the impossible become a reality.

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