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Custom Jewelry Design in Rochester, NY

Do you dream of the perfect jewelry piece that reflects your unique style? Or perhaps there's a special woman in your life who you’re looking to surprise with a custom engagement ring, wedding ring, birthday present or anniversary gift.

Custom Fine Jewelry Options at Cornell’s:

  • Custom Necklaces
  • Custom Bracelets
  • Custom Engagement Rings
  • Custom Wedding Rings and Sets
  • Reset Diamonds & Rings



Whether you're looking for custom fine jewelry for yourself or your partner, Cornell's Jewelers is here to help. Our passionate team utilizes state of the art technology to design and visualize the ring or jewelry of your dreams. As a top custom jewelry designer in Rochester, NY, we offer wedding rings and custom fine jewelry for every individual. Come visit our beautiful location to begin your discovery of a lasting jewelry experience. Through our custom design process at Cornell’s Jewelers, we can help you create a truly unique piece, tailored to your personal taste.

How Our Custom Jewelry Design Process Works

  1. Initial Discussion with a Consultant

    At Cornell’s Jewelers, your specialist will listen and communicate with you directly to explore your ideas, inspire your imagination and discuss your desired goal. Have you seen another piece of jewelry that inspires you? We can work to recreate the design elements you admired while still creating a custom piece all your own. If you have a ring or pendant that you’d like to be re-set or re-designed, we’re happy to work directly with you to create a new, lasting piece that reflects your unique style. Cornell’s has many years of experience re-setting family heirloom diamonds to include in a unique fine jewelry design. Whatever your needs and vision, we can most likely make it a reality. 

  2. Meet with our Master Jeweler to Visualize Your Custom Piece

    After the initial discussion phase, you'll meet with Michele Pealer, our master jeweler, and together you will sketch out some ideas for your desired custom-designed jewelry. Seeing your ideas come to life is an exciting part of the process, and it allows us to incorporate your personal input and revisions before we move on to the 3D model of your jewelry piece. 

  3. Computer-Design of Custom Jewelry Piece

    Next, we will use a Computer Aided Design (CAD) process to develop your design into a 3D rendering that you will be able to see from every angle before we create your custom item. Once we've worked together to make the item exactly what you've envisioned, we will physically bring it to life, crafting your custom jewelry design with detail so precise it couldn't be done better by hand carving wax. CAD makes your fine jewelry exactly as you desire. In addition, it opens the possibility to use the smallest of diamonds, which will be set perfectly with precise spacing — something that cannot be done by hand carving.

  4. Casting your Custom Jewelry Piece

    Once your custom design has been approved, we use a variety of methods to create the wax for casting. The method used will depend on the design. After the wax mold has been created, we will cast the model in the precious metal of your choice. From 18kt rose gold to 950 Platinum, we can craft your customized jewelry in whatever style you like. Once your custom piece has been cast, our master jeweler will meticulously hand-set the gemstones and perfect the finish. 

Here at Cornell's Jewelers, we have a proud team of passionate professionals and all the best technology to give you the most beautiful, precise custom-designed jewelry in Rochester, NY. Having something made for you is a collaborative process between you and our master jeweler — it enables you to be a part of something you will wear, enjoy and admire for the rest of your life.

Visit Cornell’s for Your Custom Fine Jewelry Piece today!  

We believe that every person is as precious as the gems we set into the most intricate jewelry piece — that's why we work with you to provide the custom design you deserve. Whatever style of fine jewelry or custom wedding ring design you desire, Cornell’s Jewelers would be honored if you would give us the opportunity to show you what we can do for you. Visit our showroom today.





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