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Best Places to Propose in Rochester, NY

Best Places to Propose Rochester NY


You’ve met the perfect partner — the one you want to spend your life with. You’re ready to pop the question, but you’re not sure exactly how and where to propose. Lucky for you there are plenty of beautiful and memorable places to propose in the Rochester area. Upstate New York is full of natural scenery that creates a stunning setting for a proposal.

When deciding where to propose in upstate NY, consider the places that are special to you and your sweetheart. Perhaps you met on a hiking trail in the Adirondacks or had your first date at Dryden Theatre. Choose a spot that will have a special significance to the two of you. The time of year can also play a role. Consider how the weather might impact your potential proposal spot depending on the season, too.

To help you plan your perfect proposal, We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to propose in Rochester, NY

 Where to Propose in New York

Fall for Each Other at Niagara Falls

It’s not possible to talk about the best places to propose in upstate NY without mentioning Niagara Falls. The beauty and magnitude of Niagara Falls makes it a romantic option for any proposal, even if the area doesn’t have special meaning to you as a couple. There is something about an iconic natural treasure like Niagara Falls that makes it uniquely appealing for proposals.

You have several options when it comes to finding the perfect Niagara location to pop the question. Here are a few ideas:

  • Niagara SkyWheel: It’s just you and your future spouse, cuddled up in your own gondola with sweeping views. When you reach the top of the 175-foot SkyWheel, you will have an amazing view of the falls and beyond, making it the perfect time to ask that important question. We don’t recommend this option if your significant other doesn’t like heights, though.  But if they’re a thrill seeker this type of proposal will be sure to take their breath away!
  • Bridal Veil Falls: The name alone is enough reason to include this spot as an option for your proposal. It may be the smallest of the falls, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive in its natural beauty. If you really want to get close to Bridal Veil Falls, you can take the Cave of the Winds tour, but make sure you have your ring secured and find a spot with calmer weather to propose.
  • Summer Fireworks Shows: If you’re asking for future fiancé’s hand in marriage between May and October, head to Niagara Falls on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Sunday for an amazing fireworks display. Fireworks over Niagara Falls create the perfect backdrop for your proposal.


Show Some Love to Other Waterfalls

Niagara Falls may be well known, but upstate New York has several other beautiful waterfalls that work just as well for your perfect proposal.

A short drive from Roc hester, the Ithaca area boasts more than 150 waterfalls, all within 10 square miles. Your main decision will be which one to choose as your proposal spot. If you’re going for height, choose Taughannock Falls, which soars higher than Niagara Falls. If you want a natural, undeveloped option, head to the tucked away Lick Brook Falls in the Sweedler Nature Preserve. Another beautiful option is Cascadilla Falls. You will find waterfalls throughout the town and the area around it, giving you the option of in-town convenience or remote privacy.

Letchworth State Park is another location not far from Rochester with several beautiful waterfall options.


Where to Pop the Question New York

Take to the Skies With a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dansville

Take your proposal to new heights with a hot air balloon ride. Seeing upstate New York from a hot air balloon gives you a whole new perspective on the breathtaking scenery of the area — and it makes for a one-of-a-kind experience when asking the love of your life to marry you.

Schedule the hot air balloon ride for a time in the evening for the added romance of a spectacular New York sunset as the proposal backdrop. Just make sure your sweetheart thinks the idea of a hot air balloon ride is romantic. You want to both feel relaxed and happy rather than clinging to the basket for dear life because of a fear of heights.

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground and don’t mind waiting until September to propose, consider the New York State Festival of Balloons in Dansville. Even from the ground, seeing the brightly colored balloons floating through the sky is a gorgeous scene and a fun way to propose. For even more romance, pop the question during an evening balloon glow display at the festival. The glowing colors of the lit balloons create a whimsical, romantic atmosphere.

Any time you or your significant other see a hot air balloon, you’ll always be reminded of your romantic proposal.

Places to Propose Rochester

Take in a Concert

If your partner-for-life loves classical music, the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra could be the perfect option for your proposal. The orchestra presents up to 130 concerts each year, with a variety of themes and special performances. Choose a concert from your sweetheart’s favorite composer to make it extra special. Many of the performances take place at the Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre. It is a beautiful theatre with ornate detailing — a perfect spot for a romantic proposal.

If you want a little privacy when you propose, get box seats at the orchestra. It is an ideal way to feel like you are the only people at the concert so you can revel in your happiness of your engagement

If your bride-to-be prefers a more modern twist on music, try a summer concert at the CMAC Performing Arts Center. This unique outdoor venue lets you enjoy a concert from one of their favorite performers, with many nationally-touring options in the lineup. Find a time to pull your sweetheart to the side and pop the question — it will be a concert experience neither of you will ever forget.  

Hike (or Ride) up Bristol Mountain

If your soon-to-be-fiancé loves nature, Bristol Mountain is a picturesque place to pop the question. If they don’t mind breaking a sweat, plan a hike up the mountain. You might want to do a test run of the route you plan to hike so you can find just the right spot for the proposal. This also gives you a chance to time out the hike so you know about when you’ll arrive at the chosen spot. Find a secure place to keep the ring until you get to the spot so it doesn’t fall out of your pocket.

For those who prefer less sweat and more romance, a trip up the mountain on the fall sky ride is an alternative option. You still get the sweeping views of the area, which make a charming backdrop for the proposal. If you propose while on the sky ride, make sure to hold on tightly to your ring until its securely on their finger!


Ride the Rails Along the Hudson River

By now, you’ve probably noticed some our favorite proposal spots take advantage of the spectacular natural options found in the upper New York area. The Hudson River is yet another natural spot to ask your love to marry you. We recommend viewing the Hudson from the old-fashioned comfort of a train car. A train ride along the Hudson River is romantic and fun —and you can always plan a trip back for a future anniversary as the perfect way to remember how you started your story!

Another idea is to propose while crossing the Hudson River on the Walkway Over the Hudson. The walkway is 1.28 miles long, so you’ll have plenty of time to work up the nerve to ask the question. The walkway is open year round unless the weather gets nasty, so this is an option any time of year. Between the Hudson River below and the sweeping hills around the walkway, you’ll find beauty any time. Wait until you find a secluded spot away from other Walkway visitors before you get down on one knee.

If you prefer to propose on the water, consider popping the question on a romantic boat ride. The Canandaigua Lady is a replica paddlewheel steamboat with a variety of cruise options, including fall foliage and evening tours on the Finger Lakes. You could also take a dinner cruise on another favorite body of water in upstate New York as part of the proposal.

Take in a Favorite Movie at Dryden Theatre

Nothing says love like showing you know your sweetheart’s favorites. Whether it’s a favorite film, favorite food or favorite location, working those things into the proposal shows you care — and you want to make sure it will be one of the favorite moments of their life! ! The Dryden Theatre is unique because it doesn’t play the typical movies you would find in other theatres. If you’re lucky, you can time your proposal around a showing of your soon-to-be-bride’s favorite movie or a movie about something they love. Every time you watch the movie in the future, you will share the sweet memory of the day you proposed.

Rochester Proposal Ideas

Gaze at the Stars

You can’t always control the number of stars you see in the night sky, but a trip to the Strasenburgh Planetarium ensures you will have plenty of stars as the backdrop for your proposal. The four-story dome serves as the screen for star shows held at the planetarium. If your significant other prefers classic rock and lasers, propose at the planetarium on a Saturday night during one of the laser shows.

The Strasenburgh Planetarium also offers telescope viewings of the actual night sky on Saturday nights as long as the weather cooperates. Enjoy the twinkling stars in the sky together before placing the perfect twinkling engagement ring on your sweetheart’s finger.


Nail It With Wine

If your sweetheart has an affinity for wine, go on a winery tour as part of the proposal. The wineries in upstate New York not only provide delicious vino to help you relax before proposing, but they also offer some beautiful settings to add to the experience.

The Canandaigua Wine Trail includes a string of wineries in one area, perfect for a day trip that ends with a proposal. It includes six different wineries with tasting rooms and various types of scenery. Hit all six wineries, or narrow it down to one or two spots. If your love has a favorite local winery, it is a logical choice to propose at that location.

Don’t forget to bring home a few bottles of wine from the proposal winery as a keepsake, too. You can drink a bottle on your wedding night or to celebrate your anniversary for a special walk down memory lane.


Explore the Adirondacks

The Adirondack Mountains area has a plethora of stunning scenery perfect for a proposal location. Hiking is one of the first things that come to mind with the mention of the Adirondacks, but this potential proposal spot offers several different options that capture the beauty of the area even if your sweetheart isn’t a big hiker.

The Adirondack Mountains offer a variety of well-worn hiking trails for all levels of hikers, so you don’t have to be an avid mountain climber to get to some amazing views. You can also hike to waterfalls or through peaceful forests. Hike all day long, or take a short hike just long enough to find the perfect spot to propose.

While hiking, consider a trail that takes you to one of the Adirondack fire towers that are open to the public. The Blue Mountain Fire Tower is a popular option. The tower is 35 feet tall, giving you an even higher view of the area below. Climb to the top of the fire tower with your sweetie, and pop the question you as you gaze out at the Adirondacks.

If your future spouse loves the outdoors, plan a romantic camping trip to the Adirondacks. Keep the ring secure until you find the perfect moment around the campfire, watching the sunrise over the campsite or simply sharing a quiet moment together. Renting a cabin in the Adirondacks for your proposal camping trip is also an option if your significant other wouldn’t be thrilled about camping in a tent.

For couples who prefer to see nature without actually spending too much time in it, a scenic drive through the Adirondacks is an option as well. Drive the scenic byways through the Adirondacks until you find a picturesque place to pull over and propose. We recommend taking a test drive ahead of time so you know just where to stop.

If you prefer to propose over a romantic dinner after a day in the Adirondacks, choose a restaurant with a beautiful view. Brown Dog Café and Wine Bar serves both lunch and dinner and is on Mirror Lake for a breathtaking water-scape. For a romantic French dinner with a view, head to The Left Bank Café. It is located on the Saranac River with the option to eat outdoors.


Pop the Question

Are you picturing your perfect proposal in that ideal location? Now that you know where to propose in Rochester, NY, it’s time to find the perfect engagement ring. Visit our beautiful showroom to see all of your wedding ring and diamond options from top designers like Frederick Goldman, Tacori, Hearts on Fire, and more! Visit us in person and experience our outstanding customer service to prepare for your perfect proposal.

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