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New York Appraisal Services

Our appraisal services include:

  • Insurance jewelry appraisals
  • Estate jewelry appraisals
  • Liquidation jewelry appraisals
  • Gemstone identification
We are happy to appraise your:


Tricia was an excellent resource for gem appraisal.
I had recently acquired several estate pieces that I was interested in having appraised. Tricia patiently examined each piece and explained what she was looking at.
There are different types of appraisals as well which I was not aware of. Ultimately it was decided that only one piece would benefit from appraisal.
Tricia explained the appraisal process, asked what I intended to do with each piece, and guided me appropriately. I appreciated her honesty, integrity, and was impressed with her vast knowledge of gems.
I would highly recommend Cornell Jewelers.

- Debbie N. (Google)


Official Jewelry Appraisal Documents

A jewelry appraisal can be done on any item of jewelry, regardless of the composition, style, or condition. The purpose of a jewelry appraisal is to assign a precise dollar value for an item, often for insurance purposes. An appraisal might also be necessary to settle an estate or other valuation procedures or also be used to verify an item's true market value before making a purchase. Market values change, so we recommend you have fine jewelry appraisals updated approximately every three years. Our jewelry appraisal process includes: 

  • Each piece of jewelry is cleaned, weighed, measured and described in detail.
  • Gemstones are identified, graded, measured, and color coded.
  • Metal content will be determined.
  • Color photographs of the items will be provided.
  • Explanation of grading and procedure documented.

Cornell’s Jewelers offers comprehensive appraisal services by certified Gemologists who are graduates of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and members of the American Gem Society, (AGS). Several members of our team have CGA titles, (Certified Gemologist Appraiser), which is the highest title awarded by the AGS. We are also affiliated with the NAJA (National Association of Jewelry Appraisers).

Jewelry appraisals and laboratory reports are two important types of reports about your gemstones and jewelry, but they are not the same documents and should be provided separately for your items.

Our appraisers are highly trained specialists in the areas of insurance replacements, and customized appraisal services. Following a strict code of ethics governed by international organizations such as the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Council for Responsible Jewelry Practices, and Jewelers of America, our associates are committed to promoting responsible business practices in a clear and accountable manner throughout the jewelry industry.

Trish Baum helped me appraise family jewelry for estate purposes. Trish was professional in every sense. She walked me through both the pre- and post-processes and was courteous to a fault. She made the overall experience efficient and painless. Most importantly she provided a fair value for her services. She represents Cornell's Jewelers very well.

- Mark J. (Google)

Why Come to Cornell's for Jewelry Appraisal Services in Rochester, NY

We firmly believe that our employees and clients are as precious as the gems we lock in our vault at the end of each day, and we also know your jewelry is dear to you just as it is to us. Whether it’s a wedding ring, an heirloom necklace, diamond earrings or an understated gold chain you’ve worn for years, every piece of jewelry has a monetary value. While you can determine the financial value of your jewelry by using our appraisal services, not even our highly-trained, exceptionally skilled appraisers can measure the emotional value of your jewelry.

Even though there’s no way to measure the emotional attachment you have for your prized pieces of jewelry, we can tell you that losing them or having them stolen will be even more painful if you don’t have a certified jewelry appraisal to give to your insurance company. Unfortunately, your insurance carrier will not simply take your word for it when you tell your agent about the value of your lost, stolen or damaged jewelry. You’ll need to provide verified proof of what your jewelry is worth.

Of course, it’s not just when you need to file an insurance claim that you’ll need to have an appraisal. You may want to get a diamond jewelry appraisal done to figure out how much you should ask for a piece of jewelry you want to sell. Alternatively, you might need an estate jewelry appraisal performed for tax purposes in the event you receive precious jewelry as part of an inheritance.

We here to help you with your jewelry appraisal needs in Rochester, NY. Call us today!





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