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Appraisal Service

Cornell’s Jewelers offers comprehensive appraisal services by Gemologists who are graduates of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and members of the American Gem Society, (AGS). Several members of our team have CGA titles, (Certified Gemologist Appraiser), which is the highest title awarded by the AGS. We are also affiliated with the NAJA, (National Association of Jewelry Appraisers). Jewelry appraisals and laboratory reports are two important types of reports about your gemstones and jewelry, but they are not the same documents and should be provided separately for your items. Our appraisers are highly trained specialists in the areas of insurance replacements, and customized appraisal services. Following a strict code of ethics governed by international organizations such as the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Council for Responsible Jewelry Practices, and Jewelers of America, our associates are committed to promoting responsible business practices in a clear and accountable manner throughout the jewelry industry.

Our services include:

  • Insurance appraisals
  • Estate appraisals
  • Liquidation appraisals
  • Grading reports for cut, clarity, color, carat weight along with a plot of inclusions
  • Gemstone identification


A jewelry appraisal can be done on any item of jewelry, regardless of the composition, style, or condition. The purpose of a jewelry appraisal is to assign a precise dollar value for an item, often for insurance purposes. An appraisal might also be necessary to settle an estate or other valuation procedures or also be used to verify an item's true market value before making a purchase. Market values change, so we recommend you have fine jewelry appraisals updated approximately every three years. The process should always include the following:

  • Each piece of jewelry is cleaned, weighed, measured and described in detail.
  • Gemstones are identified, graded, measured, and color coded.
  • Metal content will be determined.
  • Color photographs of the items will be provided.
  • Explaination of grading and procedure documented.
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